Eagle Valley

Rummage Sale

2017 was the last Rummage Sale. Thank you to all the shoppers, volunteers and contributors over the last 53 years. With your help we were able to raise millions of dollars that were donated back to our community. 

In all the world, there really was not another sale like this one!

Thank you!!!

Benefiting the Eagle Valley Community ​Fund

Back in 1964, the first rummage sale raised money for the first teacher at Vail Country Day School. Later, the sale helped a school to be built above the new Medical Center. In more recent years, the Rummage Sale was organized by the Eagle Valley Community Fund, which distributed funds among 75 registered local non-profit organizations, school groups and important causes all over Eagle County based on the number of hours our volunteers work for each group while organizing the sale.

Each year the rummage sale typically raised more than $200,000. The top beneficiaries included the Eagle County Humane Society, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vail Mountain Rescue and more than 60 other local recipients. 

The 53rd Annual Rummage Sale was the last sale. Thank you to everyone who helped make this amazing sale possible!

Thank you!!!